Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dip Dyed.

Street Style, for your hair, with an ombre effect... Just the tip and all that jazz. Some of my fave photographers capture the two-tone dip dyed effect in natural hues as well as rainbow. I think come summer it might be necessary to take off the hat, at least part of the way...

fashion toast
All the Pretty Birds
Jak & Jil
The Sartorialist
UPDATE: This just in from Toronto Fashion week photographer James Lourenco. A bit more brazen on the "natural hair color" front, but still dip dyed and ombre.
I was also informed by my BFFAE (best friend forever and ever) Analeigh that the Man Repeller recently did a blog post on ombre hair. Great minds MUST think alike... What do you think of Leandra Medine's new do?
The Man Repeller

The Man Repeller

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm with the Band.
I think WWD heard about my 70s themed birthday party this weekend, because they had a FAR OUT photo shoot with this seasons retro inspired digs a few days ago. I love the mongolian lamb fur and velvet pants suits, plus the models almost fro'd out doo. Saturday night is going to be totally copacetic!


J'Adore! This amazing pendant by Wildfredo Rosado Fine Jewelry brings so many things to mind. Primarily, my beauty mark. I have a love/hate with the dot above my lip, sometimes getting referrals to the trademark Cindy Crawford look and sometimes getting made fun of because of imaginary hairs le boyfriend pretends to see. My beauty mark is more of a freckle really, but it's noticeable. This pendant makes the beauty mark chic again, seeing that it's actually a tiny diamond encased in gold, and not a fleck of discolored skin. Blech.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Makes Me Want to Ralph

Sickeningly Adorably sweet commercial for Ralph Lauren's Big Pony #2 fragrance starring fashion blogger Rumi Neely, of Fashion Toast fame (one of my fave current fashion blogs, and on my blog roll- see right -->), and her photog boyfriend Colin Soko. Black and white film with a touch of red, this cheeseball ideal of sophistication is sweet enough to make me... Ralph. 

Yet, I don't hate it.

fashion toast
fashion toast
fashion toast
fashion toast


Gucci's Limited Edition Palm Beach 50th Anniversary pink leather bamboo handbag. 

Image from WWD
Would love to wear head-to-toe Gucci with these skinny riding pants, sweater, bamboo necklace and bamboo bracelet.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Moon

These photos were taken back on March 21, 2011. The moon was closest to earth it has been in the past 20 years. It is so magnificent.
But, as le boyfriend always reminds me, we have no idea what else is out there... Beam me up Scotty. 
(Now you know about my inner nerd.)

This one is my favorite, E.T. phone home.

All photos were found on Daily Mail.

Color Story

Let the clothes speak for themselves. Prada, Jason Wu, Versace.

Marie Claire US April 2011. Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. Model Tasha Tilberg. Photographer James Macari.


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