Monday, August 23, 2010

A Lesson in Chopsticks

Tsunami in Annapolis, MD

I just had an “informally-formal lesson” in chopstick usage at the restaurant Tsunami in Annapolis, MD. I was doing it all wrong! Unbeknownst to me, the bottom chopstick stays still while the upper chopstick moves to grab the food, controlled by the thumb and forefinger. I was just trying to squeeze both together, a semi-effective technique… Ok, not effective at all. had an interesting array of knowledge on the history of chopsticks. Apparently, Confucius was a main player in the development of the aforementioned utensils, with his disdain for violence, banning the knife.  Today, even modern chopsticks carry baggage, with superstitions ranging from “if you’re given an uneven pair [of chopsticks], you will miss a boat or plane” and “the closer to the tip one holds a pair of chopsticks, the longer one will stay unmarried.” So if you’re planning a trip or seeking an ivory gown (because a wedding dress should NEVER be pure white), hold those chopsticks evenly and at the far end.

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