Friday, August 27, 2010

Packing for St Martin

I am currently packing my suitcase for a 5-day excursion to the island of St Martin with seven of the most fabulous ladies I know. In my opinion there are some absolute MUST HAVES for any island getaway:

  1. Bathing Suit- The skimpier the better, and don't forget to pack both a bandeau and triangle top to reduce tan lines.
  2. Cover Up- Preferably cotton jersey or terry-cloth for maximum absorbency, but a breathable loose woven polyester works too.
  3. Loose Jersey Dresses- Jersey packs the easiest, can go from day to night, and require little to no maintenance once you arrive at your final destination.
  4. Linen Pants- Now these can be tricky if you don't have access to an iron to get rid of creases left from packing, but most resorts provide this simple amenity, and what says warm weather better then linen?
  5. Thongs- This is a no brainer, for ANY trip, panty lines are bleh!!! Don't forget nude if you're bringing white.
  6. Work Out Gear- To keep that beach sexy bikini bod you worked so hard for pre-trip.
  7. Wedges- Heels that can go anywhere, even in my opinion, to a sandy beach bar.
  8. Sandals- Flip flops for beach and a flat strappy pair for walking around town. 
  9. Toiletries- Including hair oil, after sun lotion, razors, face moisturizer, you get the gist...
  10. Make Up- Make up should be kept to a minimum. Safe sunbathing creates a beautiful glow, so try to keep it to bronzer, blush, eyelash curler and waterproof mascara.
  11. Sunscreen- No one wants to be seen with a skin damaged lobster. At least SPF 30!
  12. Micellaneous- Sunglasses, Hat, Camera, Book for beach reading, Passport
These are the staples, obviously some fillers are needed such as tank tops, various undergarments, belts, etc... See my bag below, and pictures of the amazing villa I'll be staying in.

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  1. I will be seeing you there! I wish I had read your packing recommendations before I left! I had to take my tennis shoes out and replace them with an extra pair of heels... hoping to be able to run barefoot on the beach :)



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