Friday, February 4, 2011

Feather Brain

This idea just tickled me. Feather hair extensions! Maybe it is my previous, elementary school love, for hair wraps- you know the kind you could get on the OC boardwalk, the rastafarian would wrap a braided section of hair with multi colored threads, typically in navajo or African inspired patterns, and ended the glorious concoction with plastic beads. OR maybe it's my secret hidden love for all things hippie and different. Whatever the reason I sweat this trend hard, like doing sprints in the gym.

Yes, this is the hair wrap's sophisticated boho older cousin. Refinery29 featured this little secret hair weapon accessory a few weeks ago. NYC based handbag and jewelry designer Wendy Nichol offers the service in her Soho studio/boutique for a mere $45, takes only 10 minutes and the extensions are said to last up to one month. Me loves. Not only that, Nichol has said,
 "The feathers are sourced responsibly, the colors are all-natural, and come from farm-raised happy birds." ... Me really loves!
Next time I'm up in NYC, I'm making a bee-line to Nichol's studio. 

Wendy Nichol Studio:
 147 Sullivan Street, (between Prince and Houston);

**All images from Refinery29 

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