Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morning Romance

The Dutch magazine Beau Monde has an incredible flair for styling. Take a look at a spread from their June 2010 issue... It simultaneously evokes a feeling of innocence and romance while allowing the clothing to do the majority of the "talking".  The models are quirky and lively but they do not overpower the focus of the photographs. Surrounding and props are just as important as movement in these shots...

Not to forget that the lighting is perfection.  The soft smoky lighting adds a tremendous amount of emotion to each shot, creating an early morning effect to the viewer, as if you woke up just as the sun is rising on a cloudy day. A good photographer's most important asset is his ability to manipulate and capture the right lighting for a shot. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here being that I do not have a degree in photography, but the photo shoot caught my attention and has me going back for more every couple of hours.

Models: Silviu Tolu and Daiana Dumitru
Photographer: Tibi Clenci
Stylist: Catalina Burciu

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