Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surrealista Sueño de España

Luis Beltrán is a Spanish photographer that captures the essence of dreamlike happenings through his use of color, space and light. Beltrán has been featured in galleries in New York, Barcelona and Valencia along with various publications in the US and Europe. I love his style, conveying a not so far-fetched surreal world that puts the viewer into a trancelike state of mind.
 I especially love this photo of the old woman hobbling down the cobblestone street, cane in hand. The image to me is slightly morbid; perhaps it is her traveling to the “afterlife”, whatever that may be, walking into the light with funeral flowers lining the street.  Ok, so the way I see it is very morbid, but, I still like the photo and it generates more pleasant thoughts of death then the scary ones.

 The below photo also caught my eye, for its surreal mix of Alfred Hitchcock and Danielle Steele. The couple illuminated in light and in an intimate embrace is obviously the focal point of the image… But soon after noticing them your eyes travel the perimeter of the photo and the horror movie climbs in.

Visit his website for more images and works, it helps if you can read Spanish…

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