Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ready for your close up?

This is a photo shoot that I did when I was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. It was a group term project in my creative fashion presentations class. It was such a blast to produce, we used friends as models, borrowed a photography student for the day with nothing but her camera, clothing from our own closets and shot everything outside in Central Park. The hike up to the shoot location, on the subway (A,C,E line), from 27th St and 7th Ave was slightly more daunting then originally thought, but I think the shoot was a success... Especially seeing that our budget was only $250! AND on top of the photoshoot we had to present the "collection" to our class. Obviously a "mocktail" party was held, with non-alcoholic bevs and a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot.

1 comment:

  1. These look fantastic, especially the last one. There is something so elegant about black & white! great composition as well.



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