Monday, November 1, 2010

Another E-ma-Zine!

Get it?! It's amazing! After you get over my hilarious sense of humor and ability to laugh at my own jokes check out another great online magazine that I forgot about for a hot second... I LOVE FAKE Magazine is a European (based in the Netherlands) bi-monthly online publication that captures the essence of raw inspiration from independent artists and contributors.

The magazine does an incredible job focusing on off-kilter photographers and artists to feature in the issues, including Q&A interviews and amazingly entertaining bios and stories.  The editorial spreads are opinionated, never fearing that they might offend someone. I think if you tallied the number of middle fingers and private parts in all of the back issues, the marks would fill a post it note.  Or something larger?

So although the digital pages contain less then catholic school appropriate material, I've found some of my favorite stories in the pages of I LOVE FAKE, and highly recommend checking it out!

P.S. All of my images are from the Absurd Issue... #14.

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