Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brogue Behavior

Don't you love when a simple element of your ensemble can make you look both stylish and smart? It doesn't happen too often in the world of fashion, being that most people interested in anything sartorial or a la mode are considered vapid and highly unlikely to succeed in anything other then superficiality. Yes, I have endured both of these stereotypes in my lifetime (Try telling a finance or engineering major that you are freaking out about an upcoming exam. "Oh, what's MY major? Fashion Merchandising." Sighs ensue...), but, back to that special element. Drum roll please... The brogue, a strong oxford shoe, usually with ornamental perforations and wing tips, is the epitome of "smart dressing".

Photo courtesy of the Wall St Journal
Even the Wall Street Journal recently posted an article on the dapper style... I saw it in person, finally, last weekend in New York City. That marvelous celebration for Filippa's 25th birthday brought out some  truly stylish people, and Tom, my friend Eve's boyfriend, was rocking the style complete with argyle socks! Can you say, I DIE.

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