Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Cut Above

My wardrobe is either very colorful or very minimalist, I like to ride the wave between fussy prints and neutrals that last for seasons; so it's no wonder that these two very different looks, color scheme-wise, are my Friday favorites.  What is interesting, at least to me, is that both of these looks are midriff bearing silhouettes. Now, don't get me wrong... Back in the day, meaning high school, my friends can attest to the fact that I was the queen of the nonchalant sliver of skin poking out just above my waistband. However, that was the era of the super how-low-can-you-go low rise jean, which meant that 1. the area of skin showing was more or less below the naval and 2. it is not the most flattering area on a woman's (or even adolescent's) body.
Rachel Comey Look 4
Peter Som Look 10

The above looks from Friday's Spring 2011 shows take midriff bearing to the next decade; or possibly even back several decades, with the Peter Som look evoking a 1940s style bikini. The area of the torso that is highlighted is the slimmest part of the natural curve in a woman's waist, making the silhouette super flattering without being overtly sexy. The only thing missing is the courage and discipline at the gym to pull it off as expertly as a model!

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