Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organic by John Patrick

I should start by saying that I am somewhat biased toward this designer. Besides my fashion show experience while studying abroad in Paris, Organic by John Patrick was the first real show I was able to assist. It was a presentation, which is a simpler version of runway (no catwalk, models just “present” the clothing by wearing them around the set, or however the designer choses). The fashion editor I worked for at Domino Magazine (R.I.P.; sad face with single tear rolling down my cheek) Lauren Goodman was the stylist for John Patrick and had me assist the day of the presentation during the Spring 2009 Fashion Week.

Domino was a fabulous interior design magazine with strong ties to fashion;
 it folded in the winter of 2009

John Patrick's style is so simple and down to earth, while simultaneously remaining chic and refined. The majority the fabrics are organic or made from sustainable resources, which, as a high fashion line, deserve major kudos. Here are a few of my favorite looks from his Spring 2011 collection, the end-all-be-all being look 11 (I would totally rock that hat!).
Organic by John Patrick Look 02
Organic by John Patrick Look 07
Organic by John Patrick Look 11
Organic by John Patrick Look 13
Organic by John Patrick Look 14
Organic by John Patrick Collection
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