Monday, September 6, 2010

September is the new August

I had a revelation this past Labor Day weekend. September is the new August (at least in the Midatlantic). Whereas August is so balmy you can't leave the comfort of your air conditioning, September provides sun and hot weather without the humidity. It's the transformational month in which people start thinking "autumn", but can still get a tan and enjoy being outdoors.  

So how does one dress for this change? 

First and foremost, you must buy garments made of lightweight fabrics. This is especially true for sweaters and jeans, which can be paired with shorts and tanks or dresses respectively. 
Helmut Lang sweater available at Saks
Rag & Bone jeans available at Saks
Second, toss your flip-flops which give off the beach-goer vibe for flat leather sandals in neutral tones, with slightly more coverage. This style will still keep your feet fresh in warm weather and at the same time anchor your look.
Leather Ankle Wrap sandals available at Urban Outfitters
Last, the color scheme of your wardrobe should shift from bright florecents and spunky prints to a more muted palette. Instead of a hot pink think a dusty coral, instead of cerulean think navy, instead of sunshine yellow think marigold. A sundress in this palette can be paired with the above mentioned lightweight cardigan and neutral sandals in order to transition into the "autumn mindset" while providing breathability and comfort in the remaining warm weather.
Jean Paul Gaultier dress available at Neiman Marcus

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