Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kate and the Gypsies

This photo shoot featuring Kate Moss and photographed by Ian McKell for V Magazine issue #61, which hit newsstands a year ago in September 2009, reminds me of a story my boyfriend’s old Greek business partner once told me… There is a gypsy village in Greece near the town that Pete (partner) was born, where the gypsies have trained a bear to demand tips from visitors or else they will be swatted by the bear’s paw.  Now, normally this story would not be believable from anyone, except Pete. He doesn’t know how to lie, AND the bear is apparently declawed so it’s more of an invigorating swat then a brutal laceration to the face.

Now I may be biased because I am a huge Kate Moss fan, but the pictures are ultimately flawless, as Kate seems right at home and in her element amid the itinerant extras. It is said that Kate lived with the gypsies for two days during the shoot singing and dancing around the campfire, story telling and close contact.  I’m sure it wasn’t total squalor or dangerous seeing that she had an entire styling team and an RV with her for the photoshoot, but stylist Karen Langely’s edits and Kate’s dedication to learning the art of being gypsy lends itself to a successful shoot. 

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