Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So I'm new to the world of Etsy. Hand-craftsmanship was never really my thing until I started pulling pieces from local Baltimore designers for various photo shoot necessities. I always associated hand-made with flea market finds or middle school holiday craft fairs. But on Etsy, the skill and quality (some) designers put into their work makes you want to jump for joy and scream, "This was handmade! And not by some illegal child worker in a factory overseas!"

Anywho, when I stumbled on this photo shoot from Danish magazine Costume my immediate response was... Etsy. Fabulous Etsy that is. The lace and floral headpieces are perfection in comparison to the backdrop. All nature-y (not a word, I know) and warm. Even the petticoats evoke that je ne sais pas Etsy exudes.

Stylist: Maiken Winther
Model: Iza Olak
Photographer: Henry Moshizi 
Hair/Makeup: Lasse Pedersen
Producer: Thomas Wadensten
Images from FashionGoneRogue.com

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