Thursday, December 16, 2010

Luxe Outfitters

I went perusing through Urban Outfitters "Apartment" section and found some pretty nifty, yes, nifty, decor ideas. The selection is curated to the taste of unique and pretty, for those of us who are not quite ready for serious traditional style homes. Although I absentmindedly battle with the BF about taking down some of his MLL accolades on a bi-weekly basis, replacing them with more substantial pieces of art (there are some amazing local Baltimore artists that I have discovered whilst researching for Baltimore Magazine) or just a few feminine touches to make his apartment feel a little warmer, it's still nice to dream about having a studio of my own to decorate in a flurry of color and off-kilter decor. Especially with pretty glass trinkets and the like from Urban Outfitters- Who knew they could be so luxe at such a reasonable price point?

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