Monday, December 6, 2010

Extreme Gift Guide 2010

I am in full-blown, bustling holiday shopping mode. Last weekend I managed to knock off a bunch of people on my gift list by going to Hampden and Tiffany & Co. But, alas I still have what seems like an endless list to complete before I am finished. It got me thinking though...

Have you ever wondered what to get the person who has everything? Do you want something so freaking over the top, the gift receiver’s jaw will drop? Lastly, do you have an unlimited budget for said gifts? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions I have the website for you… Hammacher & Schlemmer has those one-of-a-kind amazing items that are sure to be talked about for years. Say what?! Case in point:

1. The Personal Submarine- $2 million
2. Authentic Boardwalk Photo Booth- $11,000

3. Aunthentic Waterblast Arcade Game- $11,000

4. Two-Person Home Suana- $3,000

5. Transparent Kayak- $1,600

6. Belle Epoque Espresso Machine- $6,000

Now, I know that these items are not in the average person's price range (especially mine) but check out the rest of their items, because there is sure to be something for everyone on your list. Even less expensive, but still unexpected items, such as this remote controlled beverage cooler ($69.95) that delivers ice-cold libations to up to 12 people at the party per trip, are sure to be a hit under the tree or after the lighting of the Menorah.  I told you you’d love this website!

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