Friday, December 17, 2010

First Snow of the Season

 Yesterday we received our first snow in the Mid-Atlantic. Baltimore to be precise. I was happily blogging at work, when I realized I might go blind from excessive fluorescent lighting in our mini-office space (Do you have my sthapler?), and opened the shades to let in some glorious natural light. It was snowing! Shock.

 Normally, I wouldn't expect snow until January or February, or I would expect to get snow for Christmas and end up sadly disappointed. But this was heavenly, just a kiss of snow to cover the sidewalks and stick in the grass for a day or so and make everything look cleaner, like an industrial Winter Wonderland. It was a surprise that made my day a little happier, put a little extra pep in my step, and made me realize I should probably invest in a car scraper thingy. The next morning...

Domino Sugar factory and Harbor Point

The Four Seasons and part of the Inner Harbor

Harbor East Circle and Katyn Memorial

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